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I Ketchup With Podcaster Paul Anthony Nelson to Talk Sauce

Another brave soul has come forward to work through their memories of growing up with a dislike of tomato sauce. I spoke with podcaster and film maker Paul Anthony Nelson, who co-hosts the film podcast Hell is For Hyphenates. It’s a program I’ve never been asked to be a guest on, despite knowing everything about … Continue reading

Random Driveway Photo

I Ketchup With Food Blogger Jenny Lee to Talk Sauce

Firstly, I know you groaned at that pun. I make no apologies. Ahrem. Since announcing via town crier and this very blog that my 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show will be about the trials and tribulations of a small boy who dislikes tomato sauce, scores of brave souls have come forward to admit they don’t … Continue reading

Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 11

Clifton sprinted to the edge of the barge, but as he was about to leap to shore, a huge plume of water erupted in front of him. He fell back and scuttled across to the far side of the barge. Another jet of water shot-up, blocking his escape. “We’re trapped!” cried Clifton. The cannon fired … Continue reading

Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 10

Race day arrived. Pip had dubbed the event College Race II: The Race-en-ing. Time to Go Kayak to the Future. The rest of the town called it by its official title The Rowing Race Replay. Clifton took his seat on the VIP barge next to the Mayor, who sat closest to the lectern. Clifton had bought a new outfit, … Continue reading


Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 9

“Thank you,” said Clifton and he and Pip raced down the stairs. The receptionist studied the photo. “And the framing: superb!” he said to himself. Clifton and Pip burst out of Town Hall’s front doors and down the steps. Clifton looked for a private place where they could talk. The museum was next door and … Continue reading


Another Saucy Update

To be fair, the ad to the left isn’t lying: no one grows ketchup like Heinz. It’s largely due to the fact you can’t grow ketchup, but technically they’re not being dishonest. Perhaps they do grow ketchup? For all I know there could be fields of Heinz trees growing sauce bottles, sachets and tins of … Continue reading


Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 8

Clifton and Pip hurried out of the Military Academy. “What did you make of that?” asked Clifton. “It left me wanting to play charades. What am I now?” said Pip, striking-up a mime. “An idiot in four fifths of a diving suit?” Pip laughed normally, Clifton noted. “What’s your plan?” asked Pip. “Do we give them … Continue reading

Comedy throwbacks: ha ha etc.

Comedy Throwback – Awkward Meeting Sketch

Welcome to my comedy throwbacks. I’m sitting in a dressing gown, with a cravat, nursing a glass of brandy and sitting by a roaring fire. I know it’s the middle of 40 degree summer in Australia; I was just trying to create a mood. Anyway, now that you have the image of an old man … Continue reading


Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 7

READ PREVIOUS INSTALLMENT  The Ghost Brigade Part 7 “Pip, look at this!” said Clifton. Pip ran over to the statue. “Woh,” she said. “And look at this!” “That’s a frog,” said Clifton. “I know; I love nature.” Clifton led the pair to the school’s entrance. Behind them, the statues glowed. He pushed the doors open … Continue reading


Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 6

“It feels like we’ve been rowing for hours,” complained Pip. Clifton shot back at her with a few points about the nature of time, but Pip was unamused. The argument engrossed the pair so much that neither noticed the dinghy had sank and they were standing waist deep in water. “Pointing a torch at a … Continue reading


Folklore & Order – The Ghost Brigade Pt 5

“Duck!” cried Clifton. A strong breeze had blown a page of the local paper in his face containing the opinion piece his rubber duck had written about him. He couldn’t understand most of it, but there were enough uppercase QUACKs for him to know the article was scathing. Clifton spied the cannon. “Get your head … Continue reading


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